Earthbag Building

Why Earthbags?

So why Earthbags? Because we live on earth and earth is all around us. It is strong, massive, flexible, it gives warmth and it is earthquake resistant, and it is cheap, so we can help a lot of poor people. Look around and you see only buildings from concrete, stone and cement, metal or wood: materials from all over the world which cost a lot of energy to produce and transport. That is not going to help the future on the earth and our environment. But you can find your building material around near and with it you can build your own house for your own dream. Like we did as children on the beach, building our sandcastles (but then without bags).

Nader Khalili

Earthbag buildings were developed by Iranian architect Nader Khalili, in the 70’s. What you need is earth and bags (polypropylene), barbed wire … and a good condition.

Award-winner architect and humantarian Nader Khalili, founder and developer of  eartbag building, asks, “How can we build shelters for people in the world who have no money?”

There is a sustainable solution to human shelter, based on timeless materials (earth, water, air and fire) and timeless principles (arches, vaults and domes). Every man and woman should be able to build a shelter for his or her family with these universal elements, almost anywhere on the earth and other planets. These principles, interpreted into the simplest form of building technology have created emergency shelter which can become permanent houses, and which have passed strict tests and building codes. Since 1975 we have been dedicated to researching and developing this low-cost, self-help, eco-friendly technology which can resist disasters, and to offer it to humanity. The only missing link is to educate humans how to use these timeless techniques, developed at Cal-Earth Institute, to fit their own culture and environment.

Throughout the world we build with earth, adobe, mud and we see the most beautiful examples standing for hundreds of years. And  with the earthbag method we can give the earth even more strength.

  • Sustainable
  • Strong
  • Low costs
  • Durable
  • Easy to build
  • Local natural materials
  • No waste
  • Earthquake resistant

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