Our story

Artvark concepts is a team of talented local artisans and craftsmen, engineers, developers, young designers, artists and architects, and aims to combine ancient and modern technology. We can learn so much when people from different backgrounds work together. The meeting of different cultures with their different knowledge enriches the world. We believe in teamwork. It is great to see the local craftsmen work together with our team and towards a balance between ancient and new ideas. Because to build earthbag buildings and mudhouse to a higher standard also requires modern engineering.

Arnout van Mameren leads the Artvark vision and sustainable self-sufficient design. Soon I  will go back to beautiful coloured India to visit my domes and to finish the project there.

Our Mission

Artvark wants to show alternatives for building your own home, no matter how poor you are, for a green and sustainable environment.

The founder: Arnout van mameren

“No one can prove there is a meaning to life. I must make my own life meaningful. That is all.” Nader Khalili

Arnout is an artist and architectural designer. In his studio he makes his drawings, paintings and objects, architectural and urban sustainable designs and he specializes in earthbag building to create homes and guesthouses with complete designs for the interior and exterior spaces.

Born in Cape Town he was raised in the North of Holland in the music school of his father who was a musician. Inspired by music he was always drawing and painting and made his first designs when he was young — organic and expressive. He studied architecture in Groningen and at the TU Delft and went to Rotterdam to start his own studio, an office for architecture and art. In this period he realised a lot of housing projects, urban plans in Holland and had several exhibitions with his art work.

In 2012 he gave his life a turn and decided to build with basic and local materials only, to help poor people in the world and to give them a good home: building in a sustainable way with earthbags and working with local craftsmen was the realisation of that dream. He realised his first earthbag domes in India and travelled also to Namibia and South Africa to present his earthbag designs. From now on he wants to share his knowledge and sustainable designs with the rest of the world and wants to work together with the local artisans, engineers, artists, designers and architects to make a better, green, natural and clean world.


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