Earthbag building | Anchorage Ecolodge, India

The Anchorage Guesthouses are designed for the Ayri family who started in 2014 an Ecolodge. Each guesthouse has 3 domes, a livingroom with second floor to sleep, a bedroom and a bathroom with a total area of 38 sqm. All the domes are connected with eachother with central the entrance. In total we are building 5 guesthouses grouped round a common open area. The private places with terraces are at the outside between the trees. Each dome is ventilated on the top on a natural way combined with a top of glas. The living room has big door openings overlooking the greenery of the lodge.

The earthbag construction is plastered with mud by local craftsmen and they covered the basement with flag stones to protect the walls. Also the floors inside we covered with natural broken stones. The filtered rain water we use for the houses and for the plants and trees on the side. The gardens we will design are based on permaculture principles. For the staff we designed also the staff units. It is still a plan and we want to start with these plans very soon. It is a complex of six units from 9 sqm. to sleep and has two domes for a kitchen and bathroom.

We build this project with Indian craftsmen and volunteers.


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