Sustainable Building Projects starts

Artvark Earthbag projects wants to realise a better sustainable world. We think global but we act local. So, we design, make the construction drawings and we support, managing and accompanying the construction. We give workshops Earthbag building but we work together with local artisans and with people from all over the world.



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What we need is earth, bags and barbed wire. We try to find most of the materials local that’s makes it easy, cheap and eco friendly. The tools like tampers we can make it by our selves and we keep it very basic. In fact we can make the domes without electricity. The molds for the window openings we make from wood or materials what we find. Artvlak takes care to use less of cement and builds with natural materials so far as possible.


We make our designs in the studio and at the plot. First we sketch and make 3D models in the computer to study and confirm. When in the next stage we have worked out the design in construction drawings the design process doesn’t end. We keep following the project closely through completion to ensure structural integrity and longevity.

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